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Frequently Asked Questions

Try looking over these answers first. If you don't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with us.

Browser & Operating System

What browser and operating system am I using?

Go to www.whatsmybrowser.org and it'll tell you. Then if our support team need this information just click the Copy button and send this information to us.

How do I make sure I'm using the latest version of my browser?

Go to www.whatsmybrowser.org. You'll be provided with easy upgrade or alternate browser installation links.

Why do I need to upgrade my browser?

Web standards and technology are constantly changing and improving, so in order to be able to view all website content the way it is intended to be seen and for full functionality of features, you should keep your browser up to date.

Getting Set Up on AGF

How do I join AGF and get my farm/animals listed?

Joining AGF is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Simply go to our Join page, select the membership plan you want, and follow the on-screen steps to create and activate your acount.

Once you have created your account, you can start editing your farm profile here, and adding animals here. If you get stuck anywhere, just shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

My Account

I forgot my password.

Go to the Password Reset page, enter your account email address, and a reset link will be emailed to you.

I've reset my password but I still can't log in.

If you are getting an error message:

  • Make sure you are entering your username/password correctly - they are case-sensitive.
  • If your browser is using a saved password to automatically log you in, it may be using old information. Try turning off saved passwords/autofill in your browser and manually entering your login information.
  • Your account may have become locked out because of too many unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact us for help.

If you don't see an error message after clicking the Sign In button and the username/password boxes go blank:

  • This can be because your browser is trying to use a saved password and this feature is not interacting properly with our login page. Try turning off saved passwords/autofill in your browser and manually entering your login information.
How do I change my account email address?

Go to the "My Account" tab in your account and click My Account Settings. The email address you enter here is where account notifications, payment receipts, and member communications are sent.

How do I update my billing info?

Go to the "My Account" tab in your account and click My Account Settings. This information is only used for billing purposes. For your security we do not store credit card information.

To update the contact information for your farm profile, go to the "My Farm" tab and click Edit My Farm Page.

How can I get receipts of my purchases?

In your account go to My Account > My Receipts.

Photos and Images

How do I upload/change my farm logo?

Go to the "My Farm" tab in your account and click Edit My Farm Page. You'll see the spot where your farm logo can be changed.

I uploaded a photo but it doesn't show up.

If you successfully uploaded your image but you can't see it when you preview the page, your image may be in an unsupported color mode, such as CMYK. This can happen when a file that was prepared for professional printing is used for the web. All web images need to be in RGB mode. If you don't know how to convert a CMYK image to RGB, send us an email with the image attached and we can convert it for you.

I uploaded a photo but it looks blurry.

If your photo looks blurry, it is most likely because the image you uploaded was too small and was stretched to fit the standard image sizes that are used on this site. It is also possible that your original photo was out of focus. Try to find a larger or sharper original photo and re-upload it.

I uploaded a photo but it is rotated incorrectly.

We do not apply any image rotation to images, so this is usually caused by photos taken on mobile devices that switch between landscape and portrait orientation and embed the rotation data into the image file.

Try editing the image's rotation on the device you took it on and re-uploading it.

Editing Sales Lists

How do I upload my animals/create my sales lists?

You upload your animals by going to the My Farm tab and clicking My Herd. Your sales lists are automatically built based on the category you select on the animal edit page.

Some categories are not displayed for visitors to see, such as unchecking the 'Publish' icon, which you can use while you're getting their information ready, to take them off the market, or for animals that you don't want to list for sale but for which you want to keep records.

How do I change the sales category for an animal?

Go to My Herd under the My Farm tab. Click the animal name you want to edit. In the Price/Category section, select the sales category you want, then click the "Update" button.

I tried to add an animal but keep getting an error message.

Usually this problem happens when you're trying to add an animal with the same name as one already in My Herd. Check your lists to see if the animal already exists or try using a different name.

Can I make an animal unlisted until I'm ready to list it for sale?

Yes. Just add the animal and select the sales category you plan to list it under. When you've saved the animal, click the "Publish" checkbox to uncheck it. This will hide your animal from visitors but you'll still be able to edit the information.

Why can I only type a limited number of characters for names/captions.

This is intentional to limit the text length so that things display properly on the site.


How do I check to see if I've received any visitor messages?

You can either click the envelope icon that's below and right of the main navigation bar, or in your account, go to the My Account tab and click My Messages.

What do the green dots next to my messages mean?

The green dots indicate which messages are new/unread.


Do I have to be a paid member to advertise on

No. To reserve/run advertising on , you just need a free account and comply with our Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Create an account >

Is ad design included in the price?

No. The exception is Logo ads - your first logo ad design is included in the price.

Does AGF provide ad design services?

Ad design services are provided based on our availability and workload. Please contact us if you need graphic designer recommendations.

I purchased an ad. What do I do now?

Go to the "Advertise" tab in your account and click My Ads. There you'll see your reserved ads in the "Upcoming Ads" section. Click on the edit icon to upload your web-ready ad graphic and enter the URL your ad will point to.

When everything looks good in your ad proof, click "Approve & Update" and your ad will be ready to run.

Where can I find a record of my advertising purchases?

In your account, go to My Account > My Receipts.

Why can't I edit my currently running ads?

Once an ad run has started and your ad is live on the site, you can not edit it. If you have a correction to make, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

I uploaded my ad graphic but it looks blurry or cut off.

This usually happens because the graphic you uploaded was not the correct pixel dimensions. Try correctly sizing your graphic to the dimensions specified on the Manage Ad page. If you need help, ask your graphic designer or contact us.

Editing Website Navigation

Can I edit my AGF profile navigation?

No. The Edit Navigation page only affects your personal website hosted by AGF. AGF profiles all follow the same navigation format and can't be edited. This keeps things consistent for visitors to

How do I add a page to my navigation?

First, you must have a page to link up. Animal and store pages are automatically created. If you need to create a new informational web page, go to 'My Pages.'

  • To make your page a main navigation tab, click + and select your page from the menu.
  • To make your page a sub-menu link under a main navigation tab, hover your mouse over the tab you want to link your page under and click + and select your page from the menu.
Can I create sub-sub-menus?

No. The main navigation can only be one level deep. This keeps the user experience optimal.

If you want to have child pages linked under a sub-page, in 'My Pages' edit the child pages and from the 'Page Level' menu, select the page that will be the parent page.

Example: Resources (main tab) > Events (sub-menu link) > Breeding Seminar, Farm Open House (child pages)

In this example "Breeding Seminar" and "Farm Open House" would be assigned the Page Level of "Events." This will insert links for these pages in a navigation panel on the "Events" page.

When I view my website, a tab is missing or wrapping onto a second row

Your website's individual design will determine how much space is available to accomodate your tabs. If a tab is missing or has wrapped onto a second row you can either:

  • Reduce the number of tabs by combining tabs and creating sub-menu items instead.
  • Shorten the text for each tab. Ideally you should aim for one word or two short words. For example, "Upcoming Events" could be shortened to "Events."
Why can't I edit my "Home" tab?

The "Home" tab can't be edited as this is how visitors navigate back to your home page.


Why do the images/text in my printed sales lists get split between pages?

Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), which display web pages, don't give you much control over how web page content is split between pages. This is something that is beyond our control.

The best recommendation is to update your browser to the latest version.